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February 4, 2013

Classified ad


Louis Leman’s unsuccessful run for Students’ Association president inspired this entry in the “Commified Ads” section of the May 17, 1961 Dilly Texanne. (Click image to enlarge.)

February 2, 2013

Film criticism


This parody of Dave Helton’s Daily Texan film column “Scenically Speaking” refers to the Lutheran Student Association’s protest of the film Question 7 being shown at the segregated Texas Theater. (Click image to enlarge.) It appeared in the May 17, 1961 Dilly Texanne. Dave Crossley was editor of this issue of the Texanne.

February 1, 2013

‘Jabberwock’ parodied


Chandler Davidson’s “Beware the Jabberwock” column appeared regularly in The Daily Texan. This parody appeared in the May 17, 1961 Dilly Texanne. (Click image to enlarge.)

January 31, 2013

More Dilly Texanne

SDA parody

This is from the front page of the Dilly Texanne published by the Texas Ranger staff May 17, 1961 (click image to enlarge). Chandler Davidson and the Students for Direct Action, satirized here, were among many civil rights demonstrators of the 1960s who heard the chant, “Two, four, six, eight! We don’t want to integrate!”

September 6, 2011

University of the First Down

This is the second page of Tony Bell’s two-page cartoon essay “University of the First Down” from the September 1960 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.)
May 23, 2011

Radio interview

Podcast of Thorne Dreyer’s interview with Dr. Leon McNealy, broadcast on KOOP Radio in Austin May 6, 2011, in connection with the Precursors Forum at the University of Texas the weekend of the Heman Sweatt Symposium:

A link to the broadcast on the station is here:
McNealy Interview

April 3, 2011

Larry Caroline

Becoming faculty sponsor of the Students for a Democratic Society when he did not have tenure was among the unwise career moves by Larry Caroline, assistant professor of philosophy. After UT failed to renew his contract, he never obtained another academic job. This piece by Robert A. Burns is from the December 1968 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.)
April 2, 2011

Gift suggestion

John Stalmach was the editor when a four-page “gift guide” was published in the December 1968 Texas Ranger, including this suggestion for Hub Bechtol.  (Click image to enlarge.) Frank Armstrong was the photographer. The Austin Board of Realtors had circulated a petition calling for the referendum held October 1968, in which voters rejected the Fair Housing Ordinance passed by the Austin City Council. The local law had done little more than reiterate federal law (Title Eight of the Civil Rights Act of 1968).
April 1, 2011

Campus life styles

One page from a four-page piece, “Campus Life Styles,” in the September 1967 Texas Ranger, by Glenn Whitehead and Ranger Editor Brooks Peterson. (Click image to enlarge.)
March 31, 2011

Stokely Carmichael

Cartoon by Glenn Whitehead in the September 1967 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.Carmichael had spoken at UT the previous April under the auspices of Students for a Democratic Society.