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February 10, 2018

1958 Texas Observer links

UT’s 75th year student integration committee called for integration in dormitories, athletics, fraternities and sororities, and all services patronized by the student body. Dr. Logan Wilson, university president, said  no discrimination which really impeded learning existed.

Willie Morris contrasts UT with the University of Oxford, his commentary including Barbara Smith being dropped from the cast of an opera because of political pressure regarding her race.

An editorial lament that Rafer Johnson went to UCLA rather than UT.

Political Intelligence column comments that Daily Texan editorial calls for “full integration of Negro students into campus life.”

In “Paper-Thin Defenses,” an interview with a segregationist from East Texas attending UT.

“This Week in Texas” shows a shift in opinion via the Belden Poll regarding integration of Texas colleges.

In “The Week in Texas,” a report that a UT “Negro student and his date” were compelled to move from their seats at the Baylor-Texas football game. (scroll down)

The Observer notes that a group of ex-students who claim that the University is not yet first class does not mention the cancelling of Barbara Smith Conrad’s role in an opera.