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September 7, 2011

Reviewing Stand

This column on the dormitory integration suit by Richard Cole, Daily Texan managing editor, appeared August 16, 1963. (Click image to enlarge.)

February 12, 2011

CIC resolution text

The Daily Texan editorial page of September 29, 1963, published the resolution William Spearman read to the UT Board of Regents the day before. (Click image to enlarge.)
February 8, 2011

Dorm integration ruling due

From the Daily Texan, August 16, 1963, a report on legal arguments for and against dormitory integration. (Click image to enlarge.)

January 30, 2011

UT counters integration lawsuit

From the Daily Texan, June 25, 1963. (Click on image to enlarge.) Maudie Ates, Sherryl Griffin and Leroy Sanders were the students who had filed the lawsuit to integrate all university residence halls.