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March 25, 2011

More Ranger commentary

From the February 1964 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.)  Lieuen Adkins was editor. The Dubious Achievement Award to Sigma Chi refers to its Derby Day. For this charity fundraiser, the fraternity announced that all sororities would compete in events, including acquiring derby hats the Sigma Chis wore on campus. A black sorority member took them at their word and snatched a few hats, and an altercation occurred. Next year, the Sigma Chis announced that “selected sororities” would participate.
March 14, 2011

More Ranger commentary

A bit on sit-ins in the photos accompanying the commentary in the September 1963 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.) Lieuen Adkins was editor.

March 9, 2011

Hairy Ranger rides again

This collaborative effort from the December 1963 Texas Ranger is by Pat Brown, associate editor; Lieuen Adkins, editor; and Gilbert Shelton, art director. (Click image to enlarge.)

March 6, 2011

Christmas carols

When the pages were lined up in the 8-page Christmas carol pullout of the December 1961 Texas Ranger, the initials in the corners spelled out inappropriate words.  (Click images to enlarge.) This was the last hurrah for a staff fired when Kerry O’Quinn had slipped a bad word into a November illustration. I have heard that Xanthia Hare was a pen name for Harriet Schoch. Brother Lowe could be Jack or Hugh. The others are Dave Crossley and Lieuen Adkins. Students for Direct Action was not an official campus organization.

Dr. Leon McNealy (Huey McNealy) says Lieuen Adkins wrote the parody “White Nation.”

March 2, 2011

Uncle Lieuen’s fun and puzzle corner

Lieuen Adkins wrote this for the November 1961 Texas Ranger.  (Click image to enlarge.) It reflects the times: No. 1 refers to the white socks and black loafers most women students wore on the UT campus. No. 3 refers to the May 1961 athletic integration referendum.