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October 1, 2015

Final Stand-In Documentary

The nonprofit Peoples History of Texas has completed its documentary on the stand-ins. To see it, click on their name.

May 17, 2015

Texas Observer links for Stand-Ins, et al.

The Texas Observer now has all its issues online, but older issues are searchable only by date. For those searching for material on the University of Texas during the time of the stand-ins and similar activity, here is a guide to some Observer links.

Bombing of the University “Y” and formation of Students for Direct Action:

Stand-ins begin at the Texas Theater:

Stand-ins continue and spread to the Varsity Theater, gaining support from University of Texas faculty members and from Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady: (Continues on page 2, easy to scroll down)

Description of activities at the stand-ins:

More faculty support, and stand-ins coordinated with national Lincoln’s Birthday demonstrations:

Stand-ins reach a peak of 400, with confrontations: (scroll to continuation on page 3, also note page 3 article about other Lincoln’s Birthday demonstrations in Texas and nationally)

“Y” bombers placed on disciplinary probation:

Demonstrations at theaters in Austin and elsewhere:

A vigil by Booker T. Bonner:

May 23, 2011

Radio interview

Podcast of Thorne Dreyer’s interview with Dr. Leon McNealy, broadcast on KOOP Radio in Austin May 6, 2011, in connection with the Precursors Forum at the University of Texas the weekend of the Heman Sweatt Symposium:

A link to the broadcast on the station is here:
McNealy Interview

January 26, 2011

Letters on the ‘Y’

From the Daily Texan, Dec. 6, 1962. (Click image to enlarge.)

January 25, 2011

Assembly mulls ‘Y,’ NSA

From the Daily Texan, December 6, 1962. (Click image to enlarge.)

January 24, 2011

‘Y’ asks off-campus aid

Susan Ford and Dick Simpson, “Y” presidents, pictured in this clipping from the Daily Texan, fall of 1962. (Click image to enlarge.)
January 23, 2011

‘Y’ bomber tried for murder

From the Nov. 29, 1962, Daily Texan. (Click image to enlarge.) In Fort Stockton, the judge in William McKnight‘s case ruled a mistrial. I have no information as to what happened after that.

January 22, 2011

Pete Seeger sings

From the Nov. 8, 1962 Daily Texan. (Click images to enlarge.) Some “Y” cabinet members expressed anxiety about Pete Seeger singing there, but they voted to allow it.

January 8, 2011

Letters, October 25, 1962

The editorial “Anxious Moments in Search of Reason” evidently took exception to actions by the organization Negroes for Equal Rights. Sam Kinch was Daily Texan editor. (Click image to enlarge.)
January 7, 2011

Dick Simpson on Campus Chest

From the Daily Texan, October 25, 1962. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4