In Memoriam

Chandler Davidson initially compiled this list with the aid of individuals on the e-mail list for the Stand-In Reunion, December 3, 2010.



Claude Allen

Bruce Bell

Booker T. Bonner

Chet Briggs

Boren Chertkov

Bowen Davis

Mary Margaret Carlson Farabee

Marion Ford

Mike Gipson

Mary Dee Cooper Guttery

John Taylor Guttery

Chet Helms

Anthony Henry

Don Hill

Horace Johnson

Gwendolyn Jordan

James Jordan

Lowell Lebermann

Lester Lee Lewis

Ann K. Lower

Ann Mallett

Joe McBride

Bob Morse

Kate Morse

James Neyland

Cliff Olofson

Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano

Jo Ann Cope Powell

Leroy Sanders

Susan Lee Campbell Solar

Kay Sutherland

Mary Umberson

Houston Wade

Chavus Womack


Anne Appenzellar, University YWCA Executive Director

Prof. Clarence Ayres, UT Dept. of Economics

Rev. Bob Breihan, Director, Methodist Student Center

Ray Farabee, lawyer and legislator

Prof. Ernest Goldstein, UT Law School

Margret Hofmann, activist

Prof. Ira Iscoe, UT Dept. of Psychology

Prof. Roger Shattuck, UT French Dept.

Prof. John Silber, UT Dept. of Philosophy

Prof. Irwin Spear, UT Dept. of Botany

Frank Wright,  University YMCA Executive Secretary


8 Comments to “In Memoriam”

  1. The old website is looking very bright and sassy thanks to the antique Rangers (the best college humor magazine in the history of the world) and the Hard work of Ms. McNeil Burns. Long may it/she wave.

  2. Though this information leaves me saddened, I also know, and i hope most of us know, they and we participated in something both life changing and world changing for the better. Thanks Chandler and others who have contributed for your efforts.

  3. Thanks for the info on Dr. Silber. He and Dr. Shattuck presented a debate in the 60’s that would remind one of the Douglass Lincoln debates

    Lonnie Fogle

  4. My friend Lonnie Fogle is absolutely correct in his recollection of that Dr. Silber-Dr. Shattuck debate in the 1960s! Two magnificent, incredibly articulate giants ! — Mo Olian

    Ray had a big impact on my life.
    As UT student body president, he was elected President of the United States National Student Association and in that a role solicited money from the Marshall Field Foundation for USNSA to hold three week long, integrated, residential Southern Student Leader Seminars. I attended the first one, met the leaders of what became the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and gave a speech which swung the convention to give NSA’s full support to the sit ins. I came back to Austin with the idea of direct action as a social movement strategy, and organized for it.
    Ray was a modest, good man. We were lucky to have lived when that could still be said of politicians.
    With warm heart,
    Casey Hayden

  6. What an obit for Shattuck. No advanced degrees. That is a surprise. It’s interesting that a he and Silber both held close to the old ways, but were humanist at heart and strong supporters of integration. I can relate. RIP to both of these teachers, their classes still clear in my memory. Casey Hayden

  7. B.T. was something else. Still very much himself, I remember, at our 50 anniversary reunion

  8. I was fortunate to work in the lab as undergraduate assistant to Bernard Ortiz deMontellano, Clairborne(two-guns) Osborne, Carlos Gonzales, and Ted Shields in Dr.Pete Gardners Lab. Those fellows were very important in my development.p, even when we went to Schultz for a beer. Thank you Bernie. Always a friend.


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