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March 29, 2011

Ranger cover as published

Note the “hastily revised batch” notice near the top of the “Snake Oil Elixer” label.  (Click image to enlarge.) Charlie Dent had to redraw this cover for the February 1966 Texas Ranger when the Texas Student Publications Board disapproved his original concept, which caricatured President Lyndon Johnson.
March 29, 2011

Original Ranger cover art

Though the Texas Student Publications Board rejected Charlie Dent’s cover drawing for the February 1966 Texas Ranger, Students for a Democratic Society printed and distributed it. (Click image to enlarge.)
March 10, 2011

Booker T. Bonner interview

From the March, 1964 Texas Ranger, interview with Booker T. Bonner by Gowen J. (Wayne Johnson). (Click image to enlarge.) In its ongoing negotiations with the Texas Student Publications Board, the Ranger had agreed to publish New Yorker-style “think” pieces in addition to college humor.