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October 1, 2015

Final Stand-In Documentary

The nonprofit Peoples History of Texas has completed its documentary on the stand-ins. To see it, click on their name.

May 21, 2011

FBI vs. New Left

The following comes from Roger Baker (Click images to enlarge.):

The FBI has declassified its Cointelpro files explaining its secret
campaign to undermine the New Left (during a period when I was
active). (Coming soon, its files on Black Nationalism.)

Here is the link:


If you look under “San Antonio,” you’ll find hundreds of pages of
files on Austin SDS, etc. The FBI office was in San Antonio.

I’ve attached a few samples that show what was going on.

Maybe some of this fits into the “dirty nothings” files, since it is
fairly evident that Frank Erwin was one favored FBI channel of

— Roger, Austin