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October 1, 2015

Final Stand-In Documentary

The nonprofit Peoples History of Texas has completed its documentary on the stand-ins. To see it, click on their name.

May 17, 2015

Texas Observer links for Stand-Ins, et al., 1960-61

The Texas Observer now has all its issues online, but older issues are searchable only by date. For those searching for material on the University of Texas during the time of the stand-ins and similar activity, here is a guide to some Observer links.

Bombing of the University “Y” and formation of Students for Direct Action:

Stand-ins begin at the Texas Theater:

Stand-ins continue and spread to the Varsity Theater, gaining support from University of Texas faculty members and from Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady: (Continues on page 2, easy to scroll down)

Description of activities at the stand-ins:

More faculty support, and stand-ins coordinated with national Lincoln’s Birthday demonstrations:

Stand-ins reach a peak of 400, with confrontations: (scroll to continuation on page 3, also note page 3 article about other Lincoln’s Birthday demonstrations in Texas and nationally)

“Y” bombers placed on disciplinary probation:

Demonstrations at theaters in Austin and elsewhere:

A vigil by Booker T. Bonner:

March 9, 2014

Letter to Look Magazine

Thanks to Manny Solon for the following:

Below is my typed copy of my letter that was published in the “Letters To The Editor” section of the June 6, 1961 edition of Look magazine under the heading “Atlanta’s Battle Continues”. [ It was the lead letter in the section.  Their masthead stated ” NOW MORE THAN 6,700,000 CIRCULATION’, so it was my most read publication. :-).

A cousin of mine saw it in California and I or someone in my family saved the magazine. I received four replies addressed to me at the University Religious Council of which I was then president.  Two signed letters were positive and supportive, two were “negative” and unsigned. My original was edited and I have no idea if somewhere I have the original which said more about our efforts.

The article I was commenting on was about the efforts of African American students in Atlanta to integrate various institutions including restaurants. There were eight letters published and they were on both sides.

Sorry I just can’t scan it and send it to you.


Atlanta’s Battle Continues

Look is to be congratulated on its
excellent article The Second Battle of
Atlanta [ April 25 ].  I would like to
point out that the “battle” against
segregation is also going on in Austin,
Texas.  Here an organization of stu-
dents–Students for Direct Action– in-
situted a “stand-in” in December of
1960 in an effort to desegregate local
movie theaters….
The situation here in is significantly
different from that of Atlanta, as it
has been predominantly white stu-
dents ( from the University of Texas )
who have been taking part in these
demonstrations…. In order for us
to live up to our beliefs in American
democracy and our religious teach-
ings, we who believe segregation is
wrong must do our part to end it.
May the students in Atlanta con-
tinue to be an example and inspira-
tion for others, both Negro and white,
throughout the United States.
Emanuel Solon
University Religious Council
University of Texas
Austin, Texas

P.S. While typing this I noted – I think for the first time- that the six line letter below mine (also edited) Is “signed”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Atlanta, Ga.

January 31, 2013

More Dilly Texanne

SDA parody

This is from the front page of the Dilly Texanne published by the Texas Ranger staff May 17, 1961 (click image to enlarge). Chandler Davidson and the Students for Direct Action, satirized here, were among many civil rights demonstrators of the 1960s who heard the chant, “Two, four, six, eight! We don’t want to integrate!”

September 13, 2011

Use of Union fees questioned

Boren Chertkov’s letter appeared in the Daily Texan of Nov. 29, 1962. (Click  image to enlarge.) That semester, Students for Direct Action organized demonstrations at the segregated Austin Ice Palace.
March 10, 2011

Booker T. Bonner interview (part 2)

From the March, 1964 Texas Ranger, interview with Booker T. Bonner by Gowen J. (Wayne Johnson). (Click image to enlarge.)
January 4, 2011

Campus Chest cuts ‘Y’

Giving space to Students for Direct Action and similar groups did not help the “Y.” Also, a series of articles by Jimmy Banks that spring in the Dallas Morning News presented a slanted and negative view of the “Y.” The program for blind students was innovative. Most campuses had nothing comparable until the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. (Click on image to enlarge.)
December 30, 2010

Satire from Dilly Texanne

The staff of the Texas Ranger, the UT humor magazine, published the Dilly Texanne, its parody of the Daily Texan, each spring. Here, Students for Direct Action’s Houston Wade is caricatured as Austin Blade. (Click images to enlarge.)

The Texan letters column was "Firing Line."The Texan‘s letters column was “Firing Line.”

December 28, 2010

Picnic for Peace

From the Daily Texan, March 27, 1962. (Click image to enlarge.) Houston Wade of Students for Direct Action shared the platform with Norman Thomas. The Dallas Morning News said the event should be called “Teatime for Treason.”
December 15, 2010

Question 7

This Daily Texan clipping is from the spring of 1961. (Click images to enlarge.) The Lutherans were divided, but later the Austin Jewish community was united in its boycott of the film Exodus at the Varsity Theater in August 1961.