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June 22, 2015

Links to Texas Observer on UT civil rights, 1956

The fall semester of 1956 was the first year for integration of undergraduate classes at UT’s main campus. Approximately 80 black students enrolled.

Former UT law student Heman Marion Sweatt reportedly took an overdose of sleeping pills (“This Week in Texas”):

Portrait of Willie Morris, Daily Texan editor at the time:

James E. Titus, professor of government at UT, on interposition, the theory advanced by Gov. Allen Shivers and others, that the state could “interpose” between the federal government and the people of the state, for instance, to preserve segregation:

Former UT faculty member J. Evetts Haley announces his candidacy for governor as a backer of interposition:

UT student assembly passes a resolution welcoming blacks to campus; UT Inter-Co-Op Council votes to integrate its residences; only two UT dormitories will be integrated; Autherine Lucy considers applying to UT:

Editorial endorsing Ralph Yarborough for governor recalls Price Daniel’s opposition to the admission of Heman Sweatt to the UT law school:

Fagan Dickson, Austin attorney, publishes an article with the American Bar Association dealing with, among other cases, Sweatt V. Painter:

Black undergraduates enter UT for the first time, but turmoil over integration of education continues elsewhere in the state:

Editorial (scroll down) cites the UT Longhorns being beaten by the integrated team from the University of California:

Attorney General John Ben Shepperd seeks to ban the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People from operating in Texas ;  its pledge to help Heman Sweatt with UT Law School fees is an issue. (Shepperd’s actions caused the NAACP to be almost dormant in the state for a time.):

Among evidence re the state’s prosecution of the NAACP, Thelma White purportedly regretting her decision to enroll at Texas Western (now UT-El Paso):

A cross is burned at the Texas Memorial Museum (Week in Texas). Austin police believe it is a fraternity prank:

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March 29, 2011

Ranger cover as published

Note the “hastily revised batch” notice near the top of the “Snake Oil Elixer” label.  (Click image to enlarge.) Charlie Dent had to redraw this cover for the February 1966 Texas Ranger when the Texas Student Publications Board disapproved his original concept, which caricatured President Lyndon Johnson.
March 29, 2011

Original Ranger cover art

Though the Texas Student Publications Board rejected Charlie Dent’s cover drawing for the February 1966 Texas Ranger, Students for a Democratic Society printed and distributed it. (Click image to enlarge.)
March 17, 2011

One of our boys

Satire by Dennis Dick in the April 1964 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.)
March 12, 2011

Operation Wooliebooger

Jack Jackson (Jaxon) riffs on the Peace Corps in the February 1964 Texas Ranger. (Click image to enlarge.)
March 10, 2011

Booker T. Bonner interview (part 3)

From the March, 1964 Texas Ranger, interview with Booker T. Bonner by Gowen J. (Wayne Johnson). (Click image to enlarge.) The unrelated cartoon is by Vin Schiehagen.
February 20, 2011

Dirty nothins, trees, etc.

Frank Erwin called students who came out to protest the 1968 visit of President Lyndon Johnson to the UT campus “a bunch of dirty nothins” who were disrupting “the workings of a great university in the name of academic freedom.” “Dirty Nothin” buttons soon appeared on campus. Bumper stickers later appeared saying “Pray for Rosemary’s Baby and Frank Erwin.”

When  Erwin proposed cutting down the beautiful trees that shaded Waller Creek on the campus in order to enlarge Memorial Stadium in 1969, some students came up with a compromise solution to build a tunnel arch through a corner of the stadium, but Erwin rejected this. Student protesters managed to stay in the way of workmen who came to fell the trees for two days. Meantime a coalition was working on getting a restraining order that would prevent the trees from being cut down. Erwin came out the morning of the third day and ordered the students removed and the trees cut down. This happened, though he had not consulted either the other Regents or the university administration.

February 19, 2011

LBJ and federal hiring

No date on this Daily Texan column, but it refers to the speech Lyndon Johnson made January 8, 1964. (Click image to enlarge.)
February 1, 2011

Connally vs. LBJ

This editorial by Dave McNeely, Daily Texan editor, ran July 26, 1963. (Click on image to enlarge.) Connally’s opponents had called him “Lyndon’s Boy John.”