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August 1, 2017

1962-64 Time Line from the Cactus

The 1963 and 1964 Cactus had a month-by-month listing of school (and some national) events. A lot of it is athletics, concerts, etc., but a few are relevant re clarifying dates, so I will type them in here as they appear in the Cactus:

September 1962
FRIDAY, 21st–American Association of University Professors meets for discussion of the University’s relation to the Forty Acres Club. (Chancellor Harry Ransom stated that the Club is a private club.)
MONDAY, 1st–James Meredith enrolls at the University of Mississippi amid rebellion led by Governor Ross Barnett.
FRIDAY, 9th–Pete Seeger, controversial folksinger, presents his first program on campus amidst anti-Communist pickets.
SATURDAY, 1st–Judge Thornton Hardie resigns the chairmanship of the Board of Regents, and W. W. Heath is chosen as his successor.
February 1963
WEDNESDAY, 27th–A panel investigates the advantages and disadvantages of N.S.A. and the University as part of it in the Y.
WEDNESDAY, 13th–University students vote 59% against membership in the National Students’ Association in a referendum.
THURSDAY, 28th–Student Assembly votes 20-7 to withdraw from NSA.
THURSDAY, 4th–The Student Assembly votes Athletic Council its Blanket Tax appropriation after extensive debate over the objection to supporting segregated athletics.
SATURDAY, 27th–It is announced that Dr. Joseph R. Smiley, University President, has accepted the presidency of the University of Colorado.
MONDAY, 18th–Integrated athletics at Texas becomes a reality with the Athletic Council’s adoption of the Board of Regents’ decision to remove racial restriction for student activities.
THURSDAY, 21st–President and Mrs. Kennedy begin their tour of Texas. Life magazine photographer records scenes of stump-speaking on the campus.
FRIDAY, 20th–Kinsolving Dormitory was picketed in protest of the University’s segregated housing policy.
January 1964
THURSDAY, 30th–Fraternity rush is opened to Negroes for the first time on UT campus.
TUESDAY, 12th–Ervin Perry, Negro graduate student, is hired as the first Negro on the University faculty. Perry will be an assistant professor of engineering.
SATURDAY, 16th–The University of Texas Board of Regents announces removal of racial barriers in University Housing, completing total integration for the University.
May 21, 2011

FBI vs. New Left

The following comes from Roger Baker (Click images to enlarge.):

The FBI has declassified its Cointelpro files explaining its secret
campaign to undermine the New Left (during a period when I was
active). (Coming soon, its files on Black Nationalism.)

Here is the link:


If you look under “San Antonio,” you’ll find hundreds of pages of
files on Austin SDS, etc. The FBI office was in San Antonio.

I’ve attached a few samples that show what was going on.

Maybe some of this fits into the “dirty nothings” files, since it is
fairly evident that Frank Erwin was one favored FBI channel of

— Roger, Austin

May 2, 2011

New book on Erwin years

From Kenneth H. Ashworth:

Laura, well, at last my book on the Erwin years 1969 to 1973 is out. It is called “Horns of a Dilemma, Coping with Politics at the University of Texas.” Several people are unhappy with me about it, so I hope it describes the era well. Some of the dirty nothings will find it of interest. It is available under “Kenneth Ashworth” under “books” at
I’d love to hear what readers think about it. There’s even a poem from the times about the Waller Creek trees.

March 24, 2011

Editor pronounced reformed

Student publications continued to draw ire from the powers that be. Though this looks like a Dilly Texanne, it was an insert in the November 1965 Texas Ranger, edited by Clint Dare. (Click image to enlarge.) Vietnam was becoming an issue, so Daily Texan Editor Kaye Northcott is caricatured as Kay Northcong.
February 20, 2011

Axe Erwin

This Daily Texan photo from 1969 shows my late brother, Malcolm McNeil, protesting Frank Erwin‘s plan to cut the trees by Waller Creek

February 20, 2011

Dirty nothins, trees, etc.

Frank Erwin called students who came out to protest the 1968 visit of President Lyndon Johnson to the UT campus “a bunch of dirty nothins” who were disrupting “the workings of a great university in the name of academic freedom.” “Dirty Nothin” buttons soon appeared on campus. Bumper stickers later appeared saying “Pray for Rosemary’s Baby and Frank Erwin.”

When  Erwin proposed cutting down the beautiful trees that shaded Waller Creek on the campus in order to enlarge Memorial Stadium in 1969, some students came up with a compromise solution to build a tunnel arch through a corner of the stadium, but Erwin rejected this. Student protesters managed to stay in the way of workmen who came to fell the trees for two days. Meantime a coalition was working on getting a restraining order that would prevent the trees from being cut down. Erwin came out the morning of the third day and ordered the students removed and the trees cut down. This happened, though he had not consulted either the other Regents or the university administration.

January 28, 2011

Connally appoints regents

In February, newly-elected Texas Governor John Connally appointed three new regents, Judge W. St. John Garwood, Mrs. J. Lee Johnson and Rabbi Levi Olan, all of whom expressed a greater openness to integration at the University of Texas. However, the Texas Senate refused to confirm Garwood’s appointment. Connally had better luck with his replacement appointee, Frank Erwin.