1957 Texas Observer links

Maco Stewart of the UT Young Democrats testifies at a Texas legislative subcommittee that had drafted segregation legislation: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/03/19#page=8

The Daily Texan opposes the segregation legislation (Week in Texas): http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/03/26#page=5 (scroll down)

Barbara Smith (Conrad) is dropped from the cast of the opera Dido and Aeneas at UT because of the objections of a legislator; the article says a black woman wins the UT Law School “Portia” contest but does not receive the title: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/07#page=8

Editorial “The Smith Case” condemns the UT administration for agreeing to recast the opera: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/14#page=2

UT Young Republicans vote unanimously to uphold the Supreme Court and to condemn the legislature’s segregation bills (“The Week in Texas”): http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/14#page=5 (scroll down)

Campus protests regarding the Dido and Aeneas issue: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/14#page=8

Cartoon satirizing the UT administration’s recasting of Dido and Aeneas: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/21#page=2

UT President Logan Wilson defends his decision to remove Barbara Smith (Conrad) from the Dido and Aeneas cast: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/21#page=8

Letter to the editor (“The Stump”) says that election of a black Portia at the UT Law School is a rumor: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/05/31#page=6 (scroll down)

State Sen. Henry Gonzalez’ mail supporting his filibuster against segregation bills includes a letter from a former UT student denied a job at UT because of Mexican ancestry and from a UT student with a black roommate. (http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/06/07#page=1; story is at bottom of page and continues on page 4)

UT President Logan Wilson reprimands R. H. Williams, chair of the Romance Languages Department, for seeking to allow a student (Donald Petesch) to attend a Faculty Council meeting discussing the Barbara Smith (Conrad) case: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/07/12#page=3

Heman Marion Sweatt resigns from the Cleveland, Ohio, NAACP board to work with the Cleveland Urban League: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/11/01#page=5

Daily Texan editor Bud Mims writes that the paper has been “advised to lay off the segregation issue.”: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/11/15#page=3

Interview with Bud Mims;  Harley Clark, UT Students Association president;  and Pete Gunter, chairman of student activities for UT’s 75th anniversary. They discuss integration and existentialism, among other topics: http://archives.texasobserver.org/issue/1957/11/29#page=6

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