Ed Guinn declines band membership

This article on Ed Guinn is from the Daily Texan, September 29, 1963. (Click image to enlarge.)

One Comment to “Ed Guinn declines band membership”

  1. Ed and I were the only two “Negro” members of the UT Symphonic Band during the 1962 fall semester. Having graduated Stephen F. Austin in the Spring, as the only black marching band member, one of two in the string orchestra (James Means, brother of UT’s Janet Means was the other black member)–double-reed section leader in the band and orchestra, I joined the Symphonic Band because my high school band director–and white UT students– informed me that “Negroes” were not allowed in the Longhorn Band. Encouraged to sit in by the white UT students, I did, and was told by Dr. J. Frank Elsass, band director, that, if I attended the fall semester, I need not audition. I have a photo of the band, which appeared in The Daily Texan, Dec. 7, 1962. The photo prominently displays Ed Guinn (because Clarinet players are seated in the front). I was one of the two Bassoon players (Bassoons displayed in the background). No black could participate in extracurricula activities. I finished UT course work, in absentia, during the summer of 1966.
    No “Negro” participated in extra-activities after Barbara Smith sang–in a romantic role–opposite a white student in 1958. REFERENCE: The Alcalde Magazine–May, 1974 issue: “Wanted: Black and Brown Students to Take Advangage of opportunities at Large, Prestigious University”. While a freshman member of the Texas House of Representative, and a 1974 Constitutional Convention delegate, I was interviewed for this article. REFERENCE: The Daily Texan–April 4 2006–features The Escorts band, the first integrated campus band. This article covers The Excorts band’s 40th Reunion Anniversary (actually, our first) contains several inaccuracies, including UT’s recollection of a black member of the Longhorn Band member during this era. The Alcalde Magazine–July-Aug., 2006. Covers our 40th Reunion Anniversary, held in Austin, Tx. We played a gig at Maggie Mae’s on East 6th St.
    If there is interest, I have copies of all the above mentioned. I would like to contact Ed, and Marsalius Young, who also hails from Ft. Worth. During the last part of the Spring, 1966 semester, Marsalius joined The Escorts band. The Escorts are planning our 45th Reunion Anniversary on Lake Palestine this summer. I live in my home town, Jacksonville, Tx.

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